Court of Appeal maintains decision of lower court: Ilan Sor remains in arrest

Mayor of Orhei, Ilan Sor, will stay in arrest for 30 days. The magistrates of the Court of Appeal have maintained the decision of the first instance, denying the lawyers’ request, who claim that there is no reason to detain the mayor in jail.

This time, Ilan Sor was present at the trial. The mayor was brought to the Court of Appeal in a bulletproof vest.

During the trial, in front of the Court of Appeal have gathered  the residents of Orhei, requesting for the dismission of Sor. They were wearing t-shirts with the mayor’s face on them and the hashtag #freeShor and placards with messages of support. 

According to the deputy director of the Police General Inspectorate, at the protest were present approximately 2,500 people.

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