Court extended detention of ex-Mayor Dorin Chirtoacă

Dorin Chirtoacă remains under judicial control. At the request of the prosecutor, the magistrates of the Buiucani Center District Court today took a decision to extend the preventative measure by another 30 days.

During the hearing, he said he must be released because he was innocent and wanted to go to the funeral of King Michael I.

It was the second time that the former Head of the Transport Directorate, Igor Gamreţchi, came to the hearing against Dorin Chirtoacă.

This time, the former clerk was not heard, because he did not have the patience to stay until the end of the hearing. After nearly four hours on the court hall, he left home. Chirtoaca was arrested at the end of May.

He is accused of influencing and bribery in the paid parking lot.
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