Countryside cries out for family doctors

Family doctors are always needed in dozens of localities in the countryside. They can visit the doctor only once or twice a week and have to wait for hours due to lack of doctors in these regions. 

There are only 283 family doctors in the countryside while almost two thousand specialists are needed. 

Authorities say they already have a solution and promise better wages and working conditions to motivate graduates to work in villages.

"By strengthening the primary care service, we aim to provide the population with access to quality medical services, close to home, and for doctors, modern working conditions and competitive conditions," says Rodica Scutelnic, State Secretary, Ministry of Health , Labor and Social Protection.

The salary of a family doctor is almost 4500 lei. Those who decide to work in the village are insured with a place of living and receive from the state an indemnity amounting to 45 thousand lei.

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