Councilman from Străşeni and two members of a criminal group arrested for stealing over 188 000 lei

A councilman from Străşeni and two men, members of a criminal group specialized in big amounts of money theft, were arrested by PA, SIS and CNA.

According to the information, they had foreign accomplices, residing in countries at high risk, who helped them illegally extract money.

According to the scheme, the group would manage companies from Chisinau, not aiming to perform economic activity.

Later, during August - September 2017, by cheating, the suspects gained access to an external terminal, performing suspicious payments, using cards from Australia and Netherlands. The stolen amount of money is estimated to be of over 188 000 lei.

After the criminal investigation, 3 persons were arrested, one of whom was a councilman from Străşeni. At the moment, two suspects are detained and one placed under juridical control.

If found guilty, the they risk to spend the next 10 years behind bars, with ban from occupying certain positions or perform certain activity for the next 5 years, as well as compensate judicial expenses.  

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