Could granting autonomy to Transnistria resolve the secessionist conflict?

President Igor Dodon thinks that granting autonomy to the Transnistria region would be the political solution to settle the conflict between two banks of the Nistru river. 

However, Dodon states that, for the time being, none of the parties involved in the conflict are ready to discuss this solution.

"I believe that the Transnistrian problem can be solved and will be solved when we find a compromise. When we are ready, we will also come up with a political solution",said Dodon. 

Asked if the autonomy would be a solution, President Dodon replied "It could be a solution, depending on the discussions. 

In June last year, President Igor Dodon presented to former PDM leader Vlad Plahotniuc, a document that provided for the federalization of the Republic of Moldova, in exchange for the PSRM-PDM coalition. Democrats rejected Dodon's proposal.

Later, the head of state spoke about granting a "strong autonomy" for the Transnistrian region.

The leaders of the extra-parliamentary parties and several political analysts said that the head of state is still promoting the idea of federalization, but under the guise of "strong autonomy". 



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