Corpse of a woman found in Buiucani cut into pieces and stuffed in a bag

The corpse of a woman was found on Sucevița street from the Capital. The lifeless body was found cut into pieces and stuffed in a bag, thrown into a bin. The discovery was made by a public janitor. The man claimed to have opened the bag, because it had a strange shape.

"The bag contained many trash bags. Shortly speaking, it was hidden."

Police officers are trying to establish the woman's identity. People living nearby have no idea who the victim might be.

"I went this morning to dispose of the trash, but the police officer forbade me from approaching because a corpse was found in a bag. I did not hear a thing, all was quite."

"It was bloodied and nothing could be seen. I passed there at morning, but haven't heard a thing."

Law enforcement are believing it to be planned murder.

"Forensics have established that the body belonged to a woman and it had signs of struggle. The time of death will following be established" press officer of the Capital's Police, Natalia Stati said.

The person found guilty risks from 20 years behind bar to life imprisonment.

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