Coronavirus spurs demand and gouges prices for facial masks, hand sanitizers

Publika TV has tried again to buy some facial masks in Chisinau as coronavirus sees demand soar. We went to at least ten pharmacies but the search seemed futile. 

Pharmacist: We don't have facial masks for three weeks already. 

Reporter: What about disinfectant?

Pharmacist: No, we don't. 

We received the same answers in other pharmacies inside and outside the city. 

Meanwhile, masks ads show exorbitant prices even with "hot" discount. Calling the phone number on the ads, we are informed the price 25 lei for each mask and 24 lei if we want to buy more than 50 masks. 

The price generally ranges from 20-25 lei for each mask and over 30 lei for hand sanitizer although it was under 1 leu and nine lei a month ago. 


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