Convict Karamalak, criminal Usatîi financed Jurnal TV and provided Russian TV content - Antimafia leader

Convict Grigore Karamalak and fugitive criminal Renato Usatîi are Jurnal TV financiers. The statement belongs to the leader of the Antimafia movement, Sergiu Mocanu, who claims that besides money, Usatâi also provides the post with media content coming from Russia.

Contacted by our TV channel, Jurnal TV director, Val Butnaru declined to comment on Mocanu's statements.

Mocanu also says that the same people are behind BTV station in Bălţi as well as the news portal

At present, Jurnal TV is funded by Karamalak's money through Usatîi, and Usatîi provides Jurnal TV with money not only for the maintenance of this TV station but also for obsolete content from some of the Russian televisions, such as the show barishne-krestianka appeared on Jurnal TV for no reason. 

This was also proved by Renato Usatîi's presence broadcast on Jurnal TV. 

Moreover, the media have repeatedly written about the friendship between Karamalak and Renato Usatîi, leader of the party Partidul Nostru, who acknowledged that they were neighbors in Moscow and in good relations.

In addition, there are pictures of them together on the internet. Likewise, it was previously written about the fact that both would shadow the shopping center activities in the capital.

Grigore Karamalak, alias Bulgaru, who ordered the murder of Vlad Plahotniuc, is the well-known name in the criminal world.

He was announced in international search via Interpol early in 1998.

Last year, at the end of October, the prosecution was resumed. He was accused of a series of particularly serious crimes committed in the late 1990s and 2001.

In Bulgaria, Bulgaru led a criminal group that committed murders, robberies and acts of banditry.

Three years ago, the convict's file was passed illegally to the Russian authorities, who paid him off.

According to a newspaper Ziarului de Gardă investigation, in 1996, Bulgaru presided over Petru Lucinschi in the presidential election.

In an interview with the Russian press, Karamalak said he also funded the election of Moldova's Communist Party. 

Seven years later, Forbes Russia magazine indicated that Bulgaru wanted to launch politics in Moldova, with the help of local party which he financed. 

The media also wrote that in 2010 the convict funded the electoral campaign of the Humanist Party headed by Valeriu Pasat, who said he had no relations with Grigore Karamalak.

However, according to Russian media, Pasat participated in several meetings with voters, organized by Karamalak.

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