Conventional unit used for calculation of penal fines increases to 50 lei

Starting today, 7 November 2016, the conventional unit used for the calculation of penal fines will be 50 lei. Until present it was 20 lei. As a result, the persons who will breach the law will have to pay 2.5 times bigger fines.

For example, for bribing the voters the maximum fine will be 6,000 conventional units or 300,000 lei. For vehicle theft the accused will spend up to three years in jail and pay a fine of 67,500 lei. And money laundering will be penalized with 550,000 lei, and will spend five years behind bars.

If we talk about smuggling, the fine will be 200,000 lei and the financing of terrorism will be punished, besides prison, with a fine of 550,000 lei. For bribery in the private sector, sanctions will be of 167,500 lei and 450,000 lei.


With the increase of conventional unit, the Penal Code was also revised. Changes were made to nearly 200 articles by increasing penalties. Under the new changes, the maximum threshold for criminal fine was also increased. For the physical person the maximum fine will be one million lei, and for legal entities - three million lei.


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