Contradiction between PM Sandu and GPI statements over Gheorghe Balan's resignation

Prime Minister Maia Sandu seems not to know what's going on at the Police General Inspectorate. Asked to comment on the fact that Gheorghe Balan, who is leading the PGI, is the godson of Internal Minister Andrei Nastase. 

"You are unaware, he resigned", said Maia Sandu. 

The PGI press service denied this information, however. 

"Gheorghe Balan has served as acting head of PGI until new chief is named. He's at work at the moment", said PGI officer Mariana Beţivu. reminds that Gheorghe Balan, godson of Internal Minister Andrei Nastase, was appointed as the GPI chief. After the press wrote many times about the conflict of interest in Internal Ministry led by Nastase, new Government changed their mind and announced that Balan was named as GPI chief until new head is elected. 


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