Continual politicization: PAS representative Dorin Cimil elected as CEC President

Dorin Cimil, delegated by PAS, has become President of Central Electoral Comission (CEC). His candidacy was supported by 7 of 9 members at meeting. Vadim Șarban, who is CEC member since 2016, was elected as Deputy President. 

Cimil is the candidate for Constitutional Court judge from Government part. 

Meanwhile, Socialist representative Maxim Lebedinschi, who is also Dodon's adviser, becomes CEC secretary. 

During the electoral campaign, bloc ACUM pledged to depoliticize the state institutions including CEC. However, Parliament approved the candidacy of Dumitru Pavel, Dorin Cimil and Maxim Lebedinschi, representatives of governing alliance ACUM-PSRM for the post of CEC members. 

Dumitru Pavel protected the interests of PPDA leader and Jurnal TV while Socialist representative Maxim Lebedinschi is legal issues adviser of President Dodon. 




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