Continual politicization as PSRM-ACUM bestowed President Dodon right to name prosecutor

After politicizing the Central Electoral Commission and Government Secretary General, alliance PSRM - ACUM bestowed President Dodon the right to name Interim General Prosecutor. Dodon will do it at the suggestion of Supreme Council of Prosecutors. This procedural change outraged the opposition, who stated that this violated the principle of judicial power independence.

Deputies of Kozak alliance claimed that this law is ambiguous and hands the Government power for interpretation. 

"It's a temporary solution to ensure the takeover of managerial functions for a specific period", added PAS deputy Sergiu Litvinenco.

According to Democratic deputies, this law stipulates when and how an Interim General Prosecutor could be named. 

"In accordance with the provisions of Article 11, paragraph 2, of the Law on Prosecution, the Prosecutor General shall appoint his deputies and assign them the areas of competence and determine the order of his substitution by deputies in the event of the absence or inability to exercise his functions" , PDM deputy Vladimir Cebotari said.

"It is trying to violate and defy the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova and try to diminish the independence of the judiciary. Do not submit the General Prosecutor's Office to the political and the parliamentary majority!", Said PDM deputy, Sergiu Sîrbu.

Former General Prosecutor Eduard Harunjen resigned last week. His resignation resulted from pressures and dismissal attempts. Alliance PSRM - ACUM voted, on June 11, in the first reading, the amendments to the Law on Prosecutor's Office, changing the procedure of electing the general prosecutor and dismissing him.


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