Consultative referendum declared VALID. 790,784 voters YEA to reduce number of MPs

Republican consultative referendum is valid. The announcement was made by CEC President Alina Russu. According to official preliminary data, 39 percent of voters present at the polls opted for initiative of Democratic Party. 

40 minutes are to be processed for 2,141 polling stations for referendum. 

According to the preliminary results of the CEC, at the question to reduce number of MPs from 101 to 61: 790,784 voters opted YEA while 200,812 voters opted NAY. 

At the question to dismiss deputies who fail to fulfill their commitments, 733,125 voters opted YEA while 260,758 opted NAY.

It requires a third of voters registered in the electoral lists for validation of referendum. 

Minutes of voting results are to reach CEC by 26 February. 

The Commission is due to send the decision on the results of the referendum to the Constitutional Court by March 4 who will state validation of the results by March 14. 


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