Constitutional Court's decision upon electoral system in early elections

New electoral system must be obeyed even in early elections, according to Constitutional Court. 

"New system may be excluded in early elections if it's modified a year in advance. Frequent or late modification regarding electoral process might affect voters, electoral contestants and parties, even with the risk of violating voting rights and contestant's rights", quoted decision of Constitutional Court. 

The decision is definitive and can't be subject to attacks. It comes into force at the adoption date and is to be published in Official Monitor of Moldova. 

Previously independent deputies Ion Groza, Alexandr Oleinic and Viorel Melnic submitted a resolution to Constitutional Court asking for early elections to be held based on another system but mixed one applied in February elections. 

They also asked magistrates if Parliament may modify electoral system less than a legislative mandate. 

This resolution came after PAS-DA had requested mixed electoral system to be cancelled and continued proportional or party-list-based one. 

Parliament voted to change to mixed electoral system in July 2017. Within this system, citizens may vote 51 deputies in uninominal constituencies and 50 deputies on party lists. 


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