Constitutional Court rules: President may reject Premier's candidate to ministerial office BUT ONCE

The President may reject the candidate proposed by the Prime Minister for a ministerial office but once. The Constitutional Court (CC) has made this ruling today.

The Court had been notified by Liberal MPs, who wanted the Constitution interpreted in terms of appointing ministers.

Under the CC’s decision, in case the Premier again advances the same candidate or a new nominee, the head of the state is obliged to follow the request of the Cabinet chief.

The verdict also rules that the President may reject a nominee to a ministerial office only if he presented grounded arguments.

The CC points out that within a parliamentary regime, the president of the country has a restrained role in shaping the Cabinet.

The Liberals asked for construing the Constitution, after Defense Minister Anatol Șalaru had been dismissed, and President Igor Dodon had said he would not accept Valeriu Munteanu for that position.

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