Constitutional Court rejected PSRM and PAS-PPDA bloc: Moldova diaspora always ensured the rights to vote

Government did not affect Moldovan diaspora's right to vote, in fact, the officials took measures to ensure their possibilities to participate in the elections. It is the Constitutional Court's conclusion, which rejected the PSRM and PAS-PPDA bloc.

The Socialists claimed a small number of polling stations in the East while the Sandu-Năstase bloc believed insufficient polling places in the West and the United States of America.

Magistrates of the High Court found that the complaints were unfounded and declared inadmissible.

125 polling stations will be opened abroad for the parliamentary elections on February 24. 

Biggest number of stations will be in Italy - 29. 

Romania and the United States - 12 sections. 

Russia - 11 polling stations. 

Fewer polling stations are opened abroad every year. 

There were only 75 places in 2010, 95 stations in 2014 and 100 places in 2016. 

According to the Foreign Ministry, about 625 thousand Moldovans from the diaspora are expected in the polls.

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