Constitutional Court rejected communist party's proposal, National Bank's decisions can't be annulled by Court

Constitutional Court's decisions can be annulled by the judicial instance and the legislation that regulates this aspect only in accordance with the supreme law. The conclusion belongs to the magistrates of the Constitutional Court, who rejected the communist legislation. The Communist party deputies invoked in instance the measures and sanctions applied by the National Bank in the case of the banks liquidation.

The court said the decisions of the National Bank can be attacked in instance, but, in the case the actions are illegally, the National Bank can only be obliged to cover the material damages, it can't annul the effects of the decision. The magistrates make a request to the European Union, according to what the annullation of such a decision can't affect any administrative acts.

In this case, the ways of appealing against the decision need to limit the compensations for the  loss. The decision is final and can't be changed.


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