Constitutional Court: Igor Dodon has been validated as head of state

Igor Dodon has been validated as head of state. The Constitutional Court validated the mandate of the president-elect on 13 November 2016. The high instance examined the addressing of the Central Election Commission for the confirmation of presidential elections results and the validation of the mandate of the new president.Thus, the president has 45 days for taking the oath.

"The results of choosing the president of Moldova on 13 November 2016 are confirmed. The election of Mr. Igor Dodon as president of Moldova is validated. The present decision is definitive, cannot be appealed, enters into force at the date of enactment and is published in the gazette of Moldova" declared Alexandru Tanase, president of Moldovan Constitutional Court.

After the decision of Constitutional Court has been announced, Igor Dodon declared that he will ask for the vesting day to be until the end of 2016:"i will request for the investiture to take place as soon as possible. I will make all possible and I promise I won't deceive you."

Also today, 13 December 2016, a group of persons, representatives of a unionist organization, have protested in front of the Constitutional Court against the validation of the mandate of Igor Dodon.

"We were awaiting, were hoping that the Constitutional Court judges, that Mr. Alexandru Tanase will not validate these elections because they are frauded and there are many proofs confirming this thing" declared one of the protesters.

In the presidential race, in the runoff fought two candidates. They are Igor Dodon and Maia Sandu. Dodon won the elections with over 52% of the votes and will be the third president chosen directly by the nation.

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