Constitutional Court candidate withdraws judge contest, pointing it as democratic process disguise

Angela Istrate announced on Facebook to withdraw the contest for the post of judge in Constitutional Court. According to her, the contest is a pampered one in which the functions are shared from time to time, and the selection having exclusively a political substrate.

"Dear citizens, hereby, I announce about my withdrawal from the contest for the selection of candidates for the position of judge at the Constitutional Court by the SCM.

I do not want to participate in a mimicked contest, a contest in which the functions are shared from time to time, the selection having exclusively a political substrate, avoiding the three criteria announced professionalism, integrity and meritocracy.

Even if I were accepted, I could not have been part of a whole in which there are people who contributed to the facilitation of the billionth robbery and activated in the former government.

Transparency and professionalism are very well camouflaged in all the competitions organized by the government, for which I consider that, in the position of judge of the Constitutional Court, the evaluation will have to be carried out by special apolitical commissions, created by the authorized bodies, formed by representatives of the Academy of Sciences, by university lecturers of the Department of Constitutional Law, by representatives of civil society and non-governmental organizations, which deal with the protection of human rights.

I urge the other candidates, with dignity, to refuse to participate in a camouflage of the democratic process and of transparency of decision-making", wrote Angela Istrate.

Angela Istrate is lawyer of Gheorghe Petic. She expressed disappointed at this actual governance and wanted to create a new political party. 


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