Constitutional Court approved purchase of 800-thousand-lei car and 450 thousand lei on repair

The Constitutional Court approved the 2020 procurement plan, which provides for expenses of over 4 million lei.

The largest acquisition is planned for February: the purchase of a car worth 800 thousand lei.

Another chapter of substantial expenditure refers to the organization of an International Conference on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Court.

For this event, the Constitutional Court intends to spend about 820 thousand lei: 200 thousand is provided for the holiday table, 200 thousand for the accommodation of guests and the same amount for the plane tickets.

Entertainment services for delegates will cost 100 thousand lei, and several tens of thousands lei more will be spent on souvenirs and flowers.

At the same time, for July, CC plans to repair the rooms, the equipment and the inventory, in the amount of 250 thousand lei and the purchase of the construction materials of 200 thousand lei.


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