Constitutional Court about Igor Dodon's responsibilities: Parliament is responsible of country's defense

The Parliament has the legislative competence to adopt politics of defending the country and accept the supreme commandant of the Army. Such a decision has been taken today by the Constitutional Court.

Igor Dodon President asked the magistrates to day if the president of the country is responsible for the defense capacity of the country. As a result, the magistrates said that the Supreme law doesn't provide a responsibility of the state's leader for the country's president, but doesn't exclude that the president of the country should not do it.


Also, President of the country was not sure if he is responsible of taking measures regarding the national defense and security. In this sense, the constitutional court said that the President of Republic of Moldova can only take measured that are allowed by the law.

Also, Igor Dodon wanted to find out if the Parliament's decision regarding the National Defense Strategy for 2018-2022 period and its implementation are constitutional or not. According to the Constitutional Court, this document is in the Parliament's field. 


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