Constantin Moscovici about Chisinau Arena: We need such an arena. I am glad that the authorities came up to this idea

Chisinau Arena project cheers the Moldovan artists. Constantin Moscovici recently came back from Belarus, where he participated at Slaveanski Bazar. He wrote on his Facebook page that he was impressed by the arena they have there.

The singer also wrote that he is surprised of the thing that such an Arena will be built in Chisinau soon.

The composer mentioned that our country needs such an arena, because it can host international and national contests. Also, he thanked the authorities for this initiative.


Moscovici says that the stages from Moldova are too small to host international competitions. 

Chisinau Arena will be built in Stauceni by a Turkish company. It will have 4000 places and will host sports, cultural and international events. The parking place will host 1000 cars at once.

The multifunctional arena will also have SPA, fitness, aqua park, a zone to evolve trainings and one for small events. 

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