Conflict resolved by gunfire! How driver reacted after losing traffic priority

Conflict must be resolved by gunfire. This was what a driver thought in a traffic mistake which occurred yesterday in Râşcani of Chisinau. 

The incident happened at around 21:00. After not being given priority, the driver pulled out a gun and fired two shots in the air. Fortunately, no one suffered from  the action of this restless man.  

Then the suspect continued his way and the victim called 902. 

The frightened driver memorized the registration plate and the police managed to identify the car, a rented one, in Botanica bar. 

Three people turned out to be involved in those shootings, says

The gun shooter refused to speak but specified that he did not own the weapon. 

The three individuals were escorted to the Police Inspectorate in Râşcani. 15 cartridges were also found in their car.  

According to police, the gun would be used to announce the start in competition. 

However, the incident will result in a criminal lawsuit for hooliganism.

The fine could reach more than 10,000 lei.

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