Conflict over Defense Minister's candidacy: Dodon rejects Eugen Sturza's appointment

President Igor Dodon did not accept the candidacy of Eugen Sturza, advanced by the ruling coalition for the appointment of defense minister. According to the head of state, he does not have the necessary experience.

Instead, he proposed Victor Gaiciuc who held this responsibility during 2001-2004.

"As a supreme commander of the armed forces, I signed a letter recommending a professional in the position of Defense Minister. If you continue to insist on incompetent people, I will not sign such decrees," the president said , Igor Dodon.

Igor Dodon also said he would not accept Democrats' initiative to amend the Constitution which declares European integration as strategic orientation.

"If the Democratic Party continues to insist on this approach, my only solution will be, according to the Constitution, to initiate a consultative referendum on the external geopolitical vector," said President Igor Dodon.

Dodon also said he would still block the laws voted in Parliament. In particular, the documents refer to the reform of the Academy of Sciences and energy domain, but also the draft on the introduction of meal vouchers.

He also enunciated that in the future he would not promulgate any initiative from the parliamentary majority and the Government.

Likewise, Dodon said Democrat Party chairman Vlad Plahotniuc would be subordinate to the United States administration, and Washington, in fact, is managing current situation in Moldova.

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