Concert from Nisporeni begun. Watch live broadcast

A grand concert is taking pace at this moment in Nisporeni. At the Christmas Fair, organized in the city's heart, singers are getting ready to entertain locals, as well guests.

People who came to the event cannot wait to hear the artists:

"-Will you come to the concert this evening? Of course. I will come with my mother and grandfather."

Meanwhile, visitors are having fun around the fair:

"It would be wonderful if every city from the country would have such a fair."

"It is our first try on an ice rink, hopefully we won't fall down much. We love it here."

"It is beautifully managed, children can enjoy it."

All those who came to the fair can warm up with mulled wine and grab a bite from the free snack.

The stage will be taken by both Romanian and local singers. Among them counts Antonia and 3rei Sud Est. The star guests being Carla's Dreams. 

A mask parade will also take place on the stage from Nisporeni, while the night will end with a grand firework display.

The Christmas Fair was organized by Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation "Edelweiss". Its gates will be opened for visitors until 31st January.

The concert will be broadcast live by Publika.m and Canal2.

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