Competition Council has decided to cease investigation on higher bread prices

The Competition Council has decided to cease the opened investigation on higher prices of bread Plenum of the Competition Council decided to cease the investigation into the "alleged actions to increase joint and concomitant price of bread" and found that there was a cartel, the parliament, Moldpres informs.

Competition Council states that an invetsigation was started after a statement was realesed on August 13, 2015 about the increase in the price of bread by members of the Association of Bakers of Moldova and the Union of "National Association of Industries Bakery and Milling" legal entities.

"It was found during the investigation that no talks were held on increasing the price of bread by 15% and management bodies associations did not take any decision in this regard" , Competition Council realesed a statement. 

It was also established that "bakery enterprises have acted independently on the market, considering the economic situation created. Meanwhile, the press release distributed was done by Igor Cojuhari own initiative, President A.O. "Bakers Association in Moldova" and does not reflect the actual situation. " The Competition Council will notify the Ministry of Interior on signs of committing the offense by spreading defamatory information on the actions of members of the two associations.

In early September last year, the Competition Council announced that "is a pretty strange situation, all members associations said they increased prices, but some did so, others do not. Those who did not bring expensive bread sufficient arguments in favor of increasing ". It further states that the CC has sufficient evidence demonstrating that there are signs of a cartel.

A few days after a meeting at the Competition Council, the largest producer of bread Moldovan society "Franzeluţa" suspended new prices for bakery products, less than a month after, the price increased by up to 15-per-cent. Only three bakeries in over twenty changed rising bread prices after August 15, 2015.

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