Communist Party initiated a motion to dismiss Constitutional Court's attorneys

The Communist Party request the dismissal of the Constitutional Court's attorneys. The party initiated a motion that shows the communists don't trust the members of this institution. The authors of the motion think that the attorneys exceeded their work attributions when they said their opinion about the national language and the modification of the President's election.

''The Communist Party made a motion to say about they don't trust the attorneys of the Constitutional Court of Republic of Moldova and they request the authorities to dismiss them'', mentioned Elena Bodnarenco, deputy of the Communist Party.

The deputies from other parties consider the motion doesn't have judicial basis.

''This action represents at least judicial nihilism.According to the Constitution and the Parliament's Regulation, it is impossible to make a motion to the Constitutional Court. You can only make a motion to the CC in case of governmental actions'', said Sergiu Sirbu, deputy of the Democratic Party.

''If a decision of the CC is convenient for them, then, they promote this decision, if not, they say the attorneys are not professional and they should be dismissed. We should take in consideration the decisions and the stipulations of the CC. We should adjust the legislation according to the CC's decisions'', said Alina Zotea, deputy of the Liberal Party.

According to the legislation, a simple motion can be recorded in Parliament, only if it is signed by 15 deputies. Also, such a decision can be applied only in the case of the Cabinet of Ministers.


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