Cold weather did not stop Border Guards from Romania and Moldova from meeting and congratulating each other with the first day of spring

A beautiful tradition is kept for three years at the Moldova- Romania borders. Officers have met in the middle of Albiţa - Leuşeni bridge to exchange mărţişoare.

"Each year we celebrate the first day of spring. It brings us hope, optimism and that all will be well. We celebrate Mărțișorul on March 1 as a symbol of a new beginning and rebirth.

Mărțișorul is a small object with red and white threads that is gifted on March 1, as a symbol that spring has arrived. According to the tradition, women and girls receive mărţişoare and wear them the whole month as a sign that spring has arrived. In Moldova though, according to the tradition, women can also gift mărţişoare to men.

To celebrate the good relations between the Border Guards of Romania and of Moldova this year, on March 1, for the third year in a row, law enforcement have met in the middle of Albiţa - Leuşeni bridge to welcome together the spring and offer each other a symbolic mărţişor.

Despite the cold weather and strong wind, that moment was vigorous, filled with warmth and  prosperity" wrote a statement of Iasi Border Police Territorial Inspectorate.


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