Codreanu, unsatisfied by luxury from a Medical Center for doctors. Moldovanu is accused that he spent money

Capital Interim Mayor, Ruslan Codreanu, is unhappy with the poor conditions of a Doctor's Training Center. Edil accuses the former head of the Health Department, Mihai Moldovanu, during which the institution was renovated, that he poured money into the wind and then privatized the building.

Moldovanu did not comment on the Mayor's statements, who also said that he would propose to the Municipal Council that the services of this center should benefit not only doctors, but also teachers and social workers. 

There are two conference rooms and several rooms where people can be accommodated at the Vadul lui Vodă physician training center. They are equipped with everything needed to spend a few days there. The interim mayor of Chisinau mentioned that this center is not very similar to a training center.

"Everything you see here is much more comfortable than in the town hall and it's a lot more new, including furniture, kitchen, and you can see what the armchairs are in. I think there are too many commodities that do not belong to the training center. beds and fridge in every room. It's more like a mini hotel", said Ruslan Codreanu. 

The head of the Education Department says this money could have been invested in a children's camp. 

"Children certainly deserve very good rest conditions." And for a training center we could limit ourselves to Persian rugs and furniture made of natural leather", said Rodica Gutu, head of the Education, Youth and Sports Directorate. 

And the director of the "Archangel Mihail" hospital, whose management is this center,

"There are normal conditions, and as the mayor said, there are clear conditions that are more contemporary than in some institutions. But everything we build for the future", said Mihai Ciobanu, director of the Arhanghel Mihail Municipal Hospital.

Moldovanu did not answer the phone to comment on the accusations of the mayor.

The repair of the "Archangel Michael" Training and Recreation Center cost the municipality 15 million lei.

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