CNA synthesis: 55 million MDL recovered by ARBI, were started dozens of criminal cases and multiple persons, arrested

ARBI seized goods worth of about 55 million MDL.
  • The Agency for criminal goods recovery (ARBI) seized goods worth of 54,9 million MDL.
  • CNA started 12 criminal cases.
  • The analytic Direction performed five criminal cases regarding 78 subjects.
  • The legislative Direction sent 11 anti-corruption expertise reports and 10 notices, other 21 files being under examination.
  • In the Central Office were registered 1 008 files, 48 of them being petitions.
  • At the national anti-corruption line were received 66 calls, four of them being of CNA expertise.
  • Were issued 156 integrity rap sheets.
  • The anti-corruption education Direction organized 22 anti-corruption instructions. The campaign 'Corruption understood by children' is continuing in summer camps. Today started also the summer camp with the slogan 'Youth against corruption', organized by CNA in partnership with UNDP Moldova.
  • In CNA folders, eight persons are arrested, seven of them being imprisoned and only one under home detention.
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