City Hall will install the tallest Christmas tree Chisinau ever saw

The City Hall has found the tree which will decorate the heart of Chisinau. The Christmas tree is around 30 meters tall, which is by 10 meters more than the tallest tree to ever been installed in the Capital.

It was found in the Bucovel region from Ukraine and it will be transported to Chisinau by the end of the week. The information is confirmed by sources from the City Hall. The Christmas tree from last year was also brought from the same region.

Sources from the City Hall has assured that despite the tree being bigger than the one from previous years, it will cost around the same.

In the following few days we will come back with information regarding its transportation which, due to its size, will be a special one, wrote

In 2016,  the Christmas tree was 37-year-old and around 17 meters tall, its price being of 15 000 lei.

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