City Hall prepare shelters for homeless people, where they will receive free meal and tea

Homeless people will be able to seek shelter, during the cold season, in five tents equipped with beds. There, people will be able to enjoy a free meal and tea.

The temporary shelter was set up by General Directorate of Social Assistance and Directorate for Emergency Situations, while the food was provided by volunteers.

The tents will be installed when the temperatures will indicate below - 15 degrees Celsius.

"We will find space where they will be installed. We though that if there will be many people seeking shelter and the center will not be able to take them all in, the tents will be set up in the space owned by the homeless center. We will set there beds. Attempt to offer roof over the heads of as many homeless as we can. To offer them shelter and food" deputy director of the General Directorate of Social Assistance, Irina Banova said.

The tents installed by authorities, will offer to shelter people even during the night.

The Homeless Shelter from Haltei St. is currently hosting over 80 people without a permanent residence.

During winter, too many people come to the center, causing it to be unable to taking in all homeless people.

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