Citizens of Chisinau grateful for the free of charge buses going to Saint Lazarus cemetery

On Memorial Day, today and tomorrow, those who wish to visit Saint Lazarus cemetery will be able to use free transport. Authorities offered 40 buses running on three additional routes.

Therefore, from Vasile Alecsandri street to Saint Lazarus cemetery, on Doina street, are available buses route C.

Bus route D will travel between Renaşterii boulevard, from the Circus and to Saint Lazarus cemetery. A similar route is running buses No. 27.

At the same time, during those day the public transport's schedule was changed.

Toward Saint Lazarus cemetery are going minibuses route No. 126, 132, 134, 154, 162, 180, 184 and 189, while the number of trolleybuses route No. 24 and 25 increased.

People are grateful for the buses offered free of charge and their schedule, claiming that they did not have to all cram in a single vehicle:

"I like how it is organized this year. People stand in line and we do not crowd all in a bus."

"This is very well organize and people are grateful for everything that is done for the citizens of Chisinau."

"It was well organized. Silvia is doing her best. The bus is going to the very gate and it is amazing."

Administration of the urban bus garage claims that the vehicle begun running starting 8 o'clock, at every 3 minutes. In case the number of passenger is big, the buses will run even more often.

"D route is the busiest, so buses are running every one, two minutes. Compared to last year, this year the buses begun working earlier, the weather is nice and citizens begun going to the cemetery in the morning" deputy director of urban bus garage from Chisinau, Vitalie Copaci, wrote.

On Doina street, between Socoleni street and the Saint Lazarus cemetery's main entrance will be closed off and available only for public transport.

Chisinau City Hall announced that nearly 1 200 parking are available for cars, on streets not far from Saint Lazarus cemetery.

"I found a parking lot very year, I was lucky. -You did not have to search for long? -No, I arrived and found a parking lot without any issues."

Most parking lots, 700, are located on Doina street.

Another 150 parking lots are available on Cucorilor street, one hundred each on Iazului and Ancara streets, as well as a few on Socoleni street.

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