CINEMA UNDER THE MOON. Several moviegoers went to History Museum last night

Several young people in the capital went to the National History Museum last night to watch a film under the moonlight. There was a giant screen installed, and the movie lovers came to the event with blankets and good mood.

Young people have watched the comedy "A Wish For Christmas", a production made in 1950.

The film was rolled out at the "Night of the Stars" film festival. This was in the original language, but with subtitles in Romanian. Organizers say they want to promote good movies.

"Why did we choose the old movies? It's because they have beautiful values and unfortunately have lost some value to the young," said organizer Veronica Pascaru.

Those present were delighted.

"Very interesting, I liked it. I will come again."

"It gives me a very pleasant atmosphere. It's outdoors, at night, the stars and the movies of the last age say so, I'm giving some peace to myself."

"I like it a lot, I like the christmas atmosphere of the movie, it feels, it's nice outdoors, under the stars."

The ticket costs only 20 lei. Tonight, visitors will watch the Russian film "Briliantovaia ruka" screened in 1969, and tomorrow - the "Royal Wedding" film cast in 1951.

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