Church from Chirilovca village, Floresti district will turn into a monastery. DPM deputy funded the repair works

After years of being a ruine, the Chirilovca church from Floresti district will turn into a monastery. 

70% of the renovation works have already been done.

"The walls are more than 100 years old, but didn't fall down yet", said Ilie Munteanu, the priest of Floresti district.

The repair works costed 400 thousand lei. The money was donated by the priests and the Christians of the district. 

One of the funders of this project is Eugeniu Nichiforciuc, DPM deputy.

"We hope that the works will be finished as soon as possible. We will all be happy about this church", declared Eugen Nichiforciuc, DPM deputy.

The Christians say that they needed to walk kilometers until they arrived to the church from the other villages.

"It was far away, in Alexeevca or Dumitreni. We weren't even going to church on Easter, because it was far away."

"God bless us."


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