Church AGAINST sexual education in schools

The lesson on sex education is again being examined by specialists. Psychologists argue that necessary disciplines aimed at sexual life of children, the priests say they violate religious and philosophical principles of students.

Thus, last week Moldovan Metropolitan has asked the Ministry of Education to prevent the teaching in schools of the discipline "Sex Education".

Students in the eighth and ninth grades of secondary school in the Nisporeni village and "Spiru Haret" high school in Chisinau have attended the first months of sex education.

The principal of the schools say that the discipline, though it was optional, has been useful to children, because they managed to learn more about reproductive health.

Most of the parents in the village with whom we spoke believe that teaching this course was not the best idea, although there were those who approved this.

In turn, the Ministry of Education courses say they are not mandatory but optional.

Psychologists believe that this is a taboo subject that parents avoid to speak with their children, but this does not mean that children do not seek answers to such questions.

The "Sex Education" lessons were taught for half a year in two educational institutions. The project was implemented with the support of the UN Population Fund in Moldova.

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