Christmas tree will be installed today in National Assembly Square (PHOTO)

The Christmas Tree from the National Assembly Square will be installed today. The workers of Green Spaces started to prepare for it yesterday. The Christmas tree of this year is artificial. It will be decorated with 1.700 globes. 

"We are arranging the Christmas tree. It will be 20 meters height. Firstly, we will arrange the branches and then the globes. Lumteh company will install the lights on it", said Lidia Babara, Green Spaces representative.

Some passers-by stopped to admire how the tree is decorated.

"It is very beautiful. Thank the authorities for this present."

"I think that this is a good investment."

The Capital guests are impressed by the Christmas tree.

"This Christmas tree is very beautiful. I think that each city should have such a beautiful tree."

It is the first time when an artificial Christmas tree is installed in the National Assembly Square. 

This year, 1,5 kilometers of lights worth 160 thousand lei were bought.

Also, the authorities bought four kilometers of lights worth 170 thousand lei to decorate the streets. 

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