Christmas spirit at Chișinău International Airport. People are met with gifts and carols

The Christmas spirit can be felt in Chișinău International Airport. In the waiting zone classic music can be heard, while passengers who arrive are met with gifts and carols.

Citizens of Moldova who came home for the holidays and have to leave abroad again to return back to work, claim that such a surprise makes their leave easier.

"Everyone is surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere, nobody is sad that they are leaving. Classic music is always welcomed, as it reaches the soul."

"I love it. My heart tells me that it is spring outside, despite the calendar claiming it to be winter. It is very beautiful and nice."

Those who just now came home received a warm welcome.

"It was beautiful and pleasant. On Christmas Eve everyone enjoys it, especially children."

"My eye got teary for this beauty."

"It is very pleasant to be teated with so much attention. Merry Christmas everyone."

"It is very beautiful and nice. I thank those who organized it and wish everyone a Merry Christmas."

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