Christmas's tragedy: One dead and another gravely hospitalized after being shot in Botanica

Christmas ended with tragedy. A young man was killed and another was injured after being shot by their neighbors. The incident happened last night in a residential building in the Botanica District of Chisinau.

The injured man, aged 27 was seriously hospitalized for resuscitation. At the same time, the deceased man was 25 years old and his wife is bearing their first child.

On Sunday evening, young people, together with their families, gathered to celebrate Christmas and the birthday of their friend.

Victims and another friend went out to the block balcony and smoked. One of the man spat and the liquid hit another man who was smoking with his son 5 floors below. A quarrel broke out as a consequence but it did not last long as they reached agreement.

"We went back to the apartment, stayed for about an hour, and went out again to a smoke."

In the corridor, the victims and their friends were waited by the two armed men.

The victims were shot by the suspects - father and his son with countless gunfire. The trail of the bullets were evidence.

Only on this corner of the wall we have at least five traces left by bullets, which were surrounded by the police during the field investigations.

One young man died, and the other, who celebrated his 27th birthday, arrived at the Emergency Hospital's Intensive Care Unit. According to doctors, he underwent surgery and now his condition is serious but stable. A friend of the victims managed to escape life from the bullet rains.

"He started to shoot in us like animals. The first one who was shot was Bogdan. He tried to dismantle the weapon. And Artur who celebrated his birthday was hit two bullets, I guess."

Some neighbors say they heard noises in their block, but they did not pay much attention.

The two suspects, father and son aged 56 and 33, were detained for 72 hours.

Policemen also say the suspects held the weapons illegally. They would have thrown them off after committing the murder in the courtyard where they were later identified by law enforcement. It's a Makarov pistol and another Scorpio type.

"We identified at the scene 3 bullets and 5 tubes of 7.65 mm, 2 bullets and another 3 tubes of 9 mm size," said Vlad Burac, the press officer of the PGI.

Individuals were detained for 72 hours. Both were issued a criminal case for murder. If found guilty, the two risk to spend their whole lives in the jail. 

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