Christmas message from Parliament Speaker, Andrian Candu: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Moldova

Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu sent a Christmas message. The politician says that on this day his thoughts turn to all the citizens, who have managed to make Moldova better.

"My dears,

Merry Christmas with your loved ones. We lived together for a year with everything, we had successes and we had disappointments. We have succeeded in overcoming both the good and the bad, and this always makes me proud of the people in my country. My thoughts are directed to all who have pushed the limits of the possible further and have succeeded, through sacrifices, to make Moldova better.

Christmas is a lesson of hope, trust, and trust in conditions in which apparently there would not be only humiliation and trouble. Let's live together this fascinating lesson once again, because no one will come to do good things for us.

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Moldova", wrote Andrian Candu on a social network.

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