Christmas joy reached four families with triplets through gifts received from Edelweiss Foundation

One more reason for joy on Christmas eve for four families with triplets. They received home appliances and gifts from Vlad Plahotniuc's Edelweiss Foundation in the framework of an event dedicated to children.

Vlad Plahotniuc's Edelweiss Foundation prepared many gifts for the families with triplets, among them being a stove, a microwave and kitchen appliances

"Because we are on Christmas Eve, and Edelweiss Foundation has a tradition of giving love, emotions and gifts, today we decided to be beside four families which have one thing in common, are families of triplets, and to give them kitchen appliances" said Lidia Cucos, Edelweiss project manager.

The parents were grateful for the received gifts:

"Many emotions, and very positive ones. We thank the organizers for the holiday."

"Thank you very much for all the gifts. We are a bit surprised, with many emotions."

Every year, traditionally, the families with triplets or quadruplets receive gifts in the framework of the event Children's Christmas, organized by a portal for mothers and kids.

"When we are preparing the event, we are always looking to know how many families had triplets during the year. To invite them to our festivity and to offer them at least the minimum of the things necessary for them" said Dorina Osipov, organizer.

In this thing are contributing tens of sponsors and partners, and in 2016 Vlad Plahotniuc's Edelweiss Foundation joined the action. During December, in the framework of the campaign "House full of Christmas", over 300 children from many families in need will receive gifts from the foundation.

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