Christmas holiday at Curchi Monastery. The event was also attended by DPM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc

Christmas was celebrated today at Curchi Monastery from Orhei district. The work was attended by hundreds of parishioners who came from several localities in the country to pray with their family members. Among them were Vlad Plahotniuc, the leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova, as well as former and current ministers, including Monica Babuc, Chiril Gaburici and Vasile Bica. 

"It is a tradition, every Christmas we come here to celebrate. Here we feel better, spiritually we are here with the thought and wish all happy holidays, happy Christmas", said a parishioner. 

"I had long planned to come to Curchi, so we came, today we found a special day, we came to see the monastery, but also to celebrate the birth of the Lord".

"It's an expected feast, we come to pray for the family, the children, our grandchildren, and the Lord forgive our sins", said a woman.

"We came with all the family, the children, the grandchildren from the district of Soldanesti. We pray for everyone to be healthy, all the little ones and peace in the country", said another parishioner. 

The church choir chased the parishioners who came to work. 

The Christmas atmosphere was also supported by a bunch of carolites who came from the village of Cuizăuca, Rezina rayon. 

At the end of Christmas, the abbot of the Curchi Monastery, the Bishop of Orhei, Siluan urged parishioners to be better and more fond of those in need of help.

"We celebrate the feast of our joy, the feast of the good and we pray the Christ-born Savior born in the cave, between the sheep and the beasts to come to dwell in the heart of each one of us and to give us the power to pass through dignity through the cares and challenges of life" , urged the Bishop of Orhei. 

Bishop Siluan thanked the people who contributed financially to the reconstruction works of the monastery. Among those who donated money is Vlad Plahotniuc, who since 2006, when he was a businessman, donated money. For his contribution to the reconstruction of the Curchi Monastic Complex, Vlad Plahotniuc was decorated with the "Gloria Muncii" order. 

"Many people responded to our appeal, one of them being Lord Vlad Plahotniuc, then an entrepreneur, a businessman, who responded well to our appeal and contributed substantially, helping us to value this beautiful jewel from the Orhei Codes. Thank you, Mr. President. Congratulations with the light of the feast, "Bishop Siluan said, and 

after the service, the parishioners shared and the children and the carols received gifts, according to tradition, on the Christmas night the heavens open and people are blessed, just as the Spirit The Holy One descended upon Jesus on His Nativity Day.

In some localities, the priest goes from house to house to proclaim the Birth of Jesus.

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