Christmas Fair opened in Nisporeni. Children can enjoy an ice rink, planetarium and slides

The heart of Nisporeni became a paradise for those who enjoy winter holidays. There, a Christmas Fair was opened for the first time, having an ice rink, planetarium and slides, all with free entrance.

Immediately after the event begun, dozens of children run around the amusement park:

"It is a good idea, very interesting. Our small city will be more developed and we will have a nice place to spend our free time with friends."

"It is a pleasant atmosphere, the holiday spirit can be felt. We can also have a lot of fun. Thank you Mr. Vlad Plahotniuc and Edelweiss" Foundation."

"It is very beautiful here. I came here with my friends and family."

Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation "Edelweiss" decided to gather as many people as it can to nicely spend the holidays.

"The Christmas Fair was organized by Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation "Edelweiss". When we thought of it, we wished it to be more than a simple Fair, for it to be a place where people spend their time, enjoy the winter holidays, traditions, music and in good company. All the children can come here, enjoy all the attractions free of charge" CEO of Edelweiss Foundation, Lidia Cucoş explained.

Authorities from Nisporeni expressed their gratitude for this pleasant surprise.

"I wish to thank Edelweiss Foundation, for this beautiful gift and those wonderful activities, which will hold until the end of January" President of Nisporeni district, Ghenadie Verdeş said.

Children were left with their mouths hanging open by the planetarium.

"There are 15 chairs, children lay down and look at a 360 degree projection screen. They can watch educational entertainment program regarding the solar system" administrator of the planetarium, Ion Grădinar declared.

At the same time, on 14th January a concert will be held, where multiple local and Romanian singers will take the stage. People will even have the chance to listen 3rei Sud Est dance music group.

Visitors will also be entertained by Antonia and Carlas Dreams.

The concert will end with fireworks. The Christmas Fair will be opened for visitors until 31st of January.

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