Christmas Fair from Nisporeni bustling with people

Children laughter can be heard at the Christmas Fair from Nisporeni. They had the chance to have fun on ice rink or slides.

Another surprise for the children was the house of Santa Claus, where all their wishes are heard. Parents are happy that children can be entertained without leaving their city. In the past, they had to attend the Christmas Fair from the Capital.

"Here, you don't see often places where children can go and enjoy themselves" a mother declared.

"We needed to go to Chisinau for children to ride on a carousel, but new they can do it in our own district" a woman said.

"We are very thankful. We can always come here to rest with our children" another mother said.

On 14th January, a concert will be held in Nisporeni, where multiple Romanian and local singers will take the stage. Among them counts 3rei Sud Est dance music group and Carla’s Dreams. People cannot wait to hear their favorite singers.

"-I'm very excited to hear Carla’s Dreams. -You like them? -I'm a fan!" a boy said.

"-Who do you wish to see at most? -Carla’s Dreams", another boy said.

"Carla’s Dreams and Antonia", a girl replied.

"-Carla’s Dreams. –Do you know any of his songs? -All of them!" a young man declared.

The Christmas Fair was organized by Vlad Plahotniuc's foundation "Edelweiss". Its gates will be opened for visitors until 31st January.

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