Christ is Risen! Moldova celebrates Easter!

Moldovans in whole country attended the Easter ceremonies in churches last night. 

At the Metropolitan Cathedral in Chisinau, the ceremony Nativity of Jesus was held by His Holiness Archbishop Vladimir. 

Hundreds of believers came to witness the liturgy and sanctify the pasture, cakes, red eggs and other traditional Easter dishes.

People waited until the morning to have their blessed bits.

"We are with the pure soul, with the light of God, and as usual we bring to the sanctification, the red eggs and the lamb. Every year we come to joyful service and until the resurrection service ends."

"The dishes are all ready tomorrow, the children will come with our grandchildren, and we will celebrate the Holy Easter. Bird, eggs, cozonac and salt."

Aunt Liuba, 77, from Măgdăcești village, Criuleni district, says that every year she comes to Chisinau to attend the resurrection service and to sanctify the basket with good things.

"I came here with red eggs and meat. This is one of the most sacred, largest ceremonies of ours," said Liuba from Măgdăceşti.

Holy Fire has reached this year in Chisinau. The holy light was brought by three clergy led by Metropolitan Vladimir and arrived in Moldova at 21:00. Delegation also included Democratic Party deputy Eugen Nichiforciuc.

"I want to wish all citizens a Happy Easter, today I am glad that I was part of this delegation. I hope the holy fire will come to everyone who is waiting for it, all those who have gathered here," he said Eugen Nichiforciuc, PDM deputy.

"It is important for every Christian in our country to bring the light from Jerusalem, to be a light for the house, for welfare, for health."

"The fire of Jerusalem does not burn, but it warms the souls and hearts of men."

"The light of the resurrection brings us a lot of joy in the family, a lot of health, and there are many myths that if you put your hand over the fire, you do not get hot," a child said.

It is for the 16th time that the flames of Jerusalem are brought to the country. Easter is the greatest feast for Christians around the world and signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his crucifixion on Good Friday.

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