Chisinau's veteran football team won its fifth title as Moldova's Champion

Chisinau's veteran football team has won for the fifth time the title of Moldova's Champion.

The 11th edition of the international league was organized in the memory of former football player and coach Vladimir Ţincler.

The veterans from Chisinau has won 5 - 1 against their opponents from Constanţa.

Viorel Frunză became the main start player, having scored 3 goals in the first 16 minutes.

"The score is regardless. It's important that we got to see each other, to play together. It doesn't matter who won" player Viorel Frunză said.

Alexandru Popovici scored the fourth goal, while Adrian Scutaru had to be taken out due to handicap before the first break.

In the second half of the game, Republic of Moldova's player Igor Dobrovoloski took the final goal.

"For us, those who lived on the field, the chance to once again be on one, to remember the pleasant memories- is great" player Radu Rebeja said.

"It is a traditional tournament and it helps develop football in all participant country. As children can learn from it" FMF president Pavel Ciobanu announced.

"They have dominated the field from the physical and strategic point of view. We made some mistakes and the game started badly for us" player from Constanţa, Nicea Pașata said.

The team from Reni town have won 2 - 1 and took 3rd place against veterans from Pinsk.

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