Chisinau to tackle corruption in education. Unnecessary extra money collection sanctioned by law

Chisinau Interim Mayor, Ruslan Codreanu, has urged specific measures to tackle corruption in schools and kindergartens. By May 1, each education institution should make inventories and list of goods displayed at the entrance, says the Interim Mayor. 

Codreanu hopes kindergarten directors will no longer request money from parents each year. 

Moreover, the Chisinau administration asks the institutions to publicize information about money allocated from municipal budget for reparation and reasons of works. 

Likewise, the council asked for monthly reports on spending on all things and materials, particularly hygiene products.

"We won't write letters to CNA. Any actions such as money collection, instigating money collection, transmission of message to collect money, money collection for textbooks unprovided in the curriculum will be sanctioned according to the Labor Code with immediate release from the workplace, "said interim mayor of Chisinau, Ruslan Codreanu.

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