Chisinau to run five new trolleybuses by weekend

Electric Transportation Park will receive more five trolleybuses by the end of this week. 

The technique arrived in Chisinau yesterday and workers started the assembly works today. 

According to the head of the Electric Transport Company, Gheorghe Morgoci, the trolleybuses will be put on the route after break - in. They will take place of five old buses. 

For nearly 8 years, Vitalie Climanaş has been running an old trolleybus aged around half a century . The man says the vehicle needs to be changed because it is full of rust and has a lot of cracks. 

"It's comfortable in the summer, it's windy, it's cool, but it's terrible in the winter,"said Vitalie Climanaş, trolleybus driver. 

Chief of Electric Transport, Gheorghe Morgoci, assures that by the end of this year, 15 old trolleybuses will be replaced by new ones.

"By the end of November, according to the contract, we expect 5 trolleybuses and by the end of the year, the last 5 trolleybuses will arrive in Chisinau."

New electric vehicles were bought from Belarus at the price of 125,000 euros for a single unit.

Trolleybuses arrive in Chisinau, and 14 specialists are involved in their assembly. To put them on wheels, they will need 7 business days. Beginning with the installation of the bars in the salon, and ending with the engine assembly, all steps are important, and require particular attention to every detail.

This year, local authorities have bought 20 new trolleybuses from the Belarus factory, 5 of which have already arrived in Moldova. 

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