Chișinău Startup Week expects over a thousand participants

Next week will be dedicated to business and information technology. During November 6 - 12 will take place ”Chișinău Startup Week”, where over one thousand locals and foreigners will participate. The event's organizers are doing the final touches.

Entrepreneurs from all over the world will come to Moldova to share their experience with over one thousand guests attending the event. 

"This is the big room. Here the majority of activities will take place. The schedule is made up for the whole week" project's coordinator Maria Nemciuc declared.

"We aim to entourage entrepreneurs in general, to allow them to see the technical part of things, to invest more in IT and respectively transfer to IT, or take technological components to the next level" organizer Ana Chirița said.

Businessmen from our country claim that such project help them develop and grow.

"I want to see hard word projects, made by persons and students that are not afraid to give a shot to their ideas" entrepreneur Victor Bujoreanu stated.

Sava Vârtosu is a young executive that has a software development company. He said that this event is a welcomed one, as it offers better possibility to learn from the best in the IT field.

"Very interesting speakers will attend with amazing presentations. We cannot wait to see what sort of investors will come, how we will be able to collaborate with them."

While Valentin Brăgaru activated in the education field. He wishes to bring innovations in this area.

"This event will help us spread the startup idea all over Republic of Moldova. From what I understood, not many know what startup means. How much it can change our lives."

During the event entrepreneurs from Moldova will gain the possibility to attract foreign investors from their field. This is the second edition of ”Chișinău Startup Week”.

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