Chisinau seeking solutions to persevere FTA on Dniester River's left bank

The Chisinau authorities are looking for solutions to carry on implementing the Free Trade Agreement on the left bank of the Dniester River. This was announced by Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu in the parliamentary platform meeting on country reintegration, which was gathered in the first meeting of this session.

The head of the legislature said that the economic situation in the Transnistrian region was not easy at all and could get worse. At present, more than 65 percent of Tranistrian producers' exports are directed to the European market.

The subject will also be discussed with the new EU ambassador to Moldova, Peter Michalko.

"If the Free Trade Agreement is not applied from 1 January 2018, then exports will surely stagnate and the economic situation will deteriorate significantly in the Transnistrian region," said Andrian Candu, Parliament Speaker .

Platform members also discussed the 4+ package, which includes priority topics for the region. These will be included in 5 + 2 negotiations scheduled this year. These include the postulation of diplomas issued by Tiraspol universities.

According to the head of the legislature, Chisinau opts for neutral diplomas, a solution that could be accepted by the separatist administration.

"There is no symbolism of Transistrian side, the only thing is postulation of educational institutions that can give young people opportunity to integrate themselves in civilized education system", said Candu. 

Besides, the Parliament president insisted on Reintegration Fund which will finance social development projects for citizens on left bank of Nistru.

Citizenship for citizens in Transistrian region was as well topic in the meeting, the Reintegration Bureau will come up with proposals to develop legislative initiatives in this regard. 

Recently, the so-called Tiraspol authorities have announced that they are ready to accept the neutral license plates for cars in the region.

Chisinau proposes to register the cars in the Transnistrian region by the State Enterprise "Registru". Negotiations is being carried out. 

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